A conscious process

aesthete is a brand with a sustainable, ecological, ethical and social approach.

aesthete is

Sustainable and social

One can send back an aesthete item once the child has outgrown the size and then benefit from a discount on a new order.

The returned garment will go to our aesthete vintage shop where it goes back into the circle at a reduced price.


All fabrics that are being used are organic.

The tailoring as well as the design process are done in Brussels. The production of fabrics are based in Portugal.

When waste is not an option, every piece is made to order, which is why the delivery may take 2-3 weeks. If we can go faster we will ;)

Fabric leftovers are put aside and will be used for circular projects.


We support local businesses by producing at a Brussels-based sheltered workshop, employing handicaped and socially disadvantaged individuals as well as for all aspects explained above.

For all those reasons buying an aesthete garment means a considerable support to
all of yours and our values.